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Strategy defines the most effective way to apply the capabilities of an enterprise in
order to reach a desired set of goals and objectives. Strategies may exist for the
entire enterprise, for a division, department or region, and for a product, project,
or iteration.
The Strategy Analysis knowledge area describes the business analysis work that
must be performed to collaborate with stakeholders in order to identify a need of
strategic or tactical importance (the business need), enable the enterprise to
address that need, and align the resulting strategy for the change with higher- and
lower-level strategies.
Strategy analysis focuses on defining the future and transition states needed to
address the business need, and the work required is defined both by that need and
the scope of the solution space. It covers strategic thinking in business analysis, as
well as the discovery or imagining of possible solutions that will enable the
enterprise to create greater value for stakeholders, and/or capture more value for

This knowledge area includes the following tasks:
• Measure Solution Performance
• Analyze Performance Measures
• Assess Solution Limitations
• Assess Enterprise Limitations
• Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value

 We will be covering these tasks and answer your questions in the session.




Virtual and in person